Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am working on some new cuties to possibly sell at a local garden center...


This little guy is my prototype. The gnomies will come in various colour combos.
This one's name is Gerald.

He is made of felt, thread, and some fiberfill stuffing.
He is 100% hand sewn.

New Logo

I have been ever so lucky to have a new logo for my Coy stuffies made for me by local graphic designer, Amaris Fisher!
The image is a little sketch we worked on together, which she cleaned up and made into a cute logo image. I think this might end up as a business card logo, and as an integrated part of my banner on my Etsy site.

Where to Find My Creations in the Real World:

I sell my hand-knitted baby & toddler hats at Mothering Touch

I sell my handmade stitch markers at The Beehive Wool Shop

I sell my handmade stuffies at The Coy Online Shop.
Or in even person if you contact me to arrange a time to meet up.

The hard part I find, is getting exposure, getting my stuff out there to my niche market. I guess all artists have this problem at some point or other. Any tips or advice from you artisans out in blog land??